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  • Your Better Brain is a personal and professional development service that specializes in helping clients attain their highest level of success through improved brain function and self-knowledge.

    We provide cutting-edge neurofeedback brain training as well as counselling services that aim to bring new levels of Focus, Freedom and Fulfilment to your personal and professional life. Our emphasis on brain training and psychology-focused development make us a good choice for people who realize that their success begins from the inside out.

    What is a better brain? It is the key to personal freedom, professional focus, and interpersonal fulfilment. It is the epicentre of a life that is firing on all cylinders.

    A Word From Dale Enns, Founder of Your Better Brain

    CFHeadshots-9132-smallMy mission is to bring freedom, focus, and fulfillment to my clients, many of whom bear heavy burdens in their personal and professional lives. When you have major responsibilities—when people are seriously depending on you—you really need to be at your very best most of the time. You can’t afford to be sabotaging yourself or allowing your energy to leak away unnecessarily. I’m an experienced professional development counsellor, a certified neurofeedback technician, and a caring friend and advisor to many. I’m always trying to figure out the best way to address those areas of frustration and compromised performance in people’s lives and I’m convinced that the way forward is holistic personal and professional development with a strong focus on technologies and therapies that improve brain function.

    As someone who knows exactly what it’s like to struggle with past traumas, learning disabilities, and a heavy load of entrepreneurial and family responsibility, I have nothing but empathy for my clients. Whether we engage in brain training for optimal performance, or identifying where behaviours and thought patterns are eroding a sense of freedom, focus, and fulfilment, it’s always an honour to help people move forward in their lives.

    I love helping people figure out how to harness their better brains. What would your better brain be able to do?

    I can help you find out because:

    • I have a Master of Science in Counselling from The University of Phoenix and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership from Trinity Western. I have extensive experience counselling, coaching and mentoring a wide variety of client needs.
    • I use a holistic/Integrative approach with elements of Progressive Mental Alignment, Adlerian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy and Neurofeedback brain training.

    Additionally, I have:

    • Certification to administer NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback technology
    • Certification in the CRG Assessment Systems Program, which focuses on personal and professional development
    • Certification in the John Maxwell Leadership & Management Training Program
    • 10+ years experience in personal and professional development counselling
    • 10+ years experience as a business coach specializing in start-ups
    • 10+ years experience as a trainer & workshop facilitator specializing in market research, sales, conflict management, stress management, time management, action planning, goal-setting & mindsets of success


    “Dale recognizes the deep need to feel understood. He is an empathetic listener and focuses on creating a safe and accepting environment for all clients”. Trevor Sterns