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  • The goal of Development & Fulfillment Consulting is to enhance your job performance and personal life by identifying and strengthening the linkages between them. When appropriate or desired, the progress you make in this coaching relationship can be enhanced by Neurofeedback Therapy for optimal brain function. Clients seek Development & Fulfillment Consulting when they want to:

    • discover their potential
    • identify their deepest values
    • identify self-sabotaging thought patterns
    • improve their work/life balance
    • gain new perspectives on challenges & opportunities

    A coach can help you identify patterns, brainstorm new strategies, and create plans for action. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs realize that the compartmentalization of work and personal life has its limitations. You are bringing the same mind to all of your ventures, so why not ensure that you are performing optimally from the inside out, living a fulfilling life at all times?

    Contact Your Better Brain’s Dale Enns to discuss a potential coaching relationship.